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Welcome to Living for Jesus Daily. I’m so glad you stopped by. When searching on the internet for a “niche” to blog about and to design a website around, I knew it must be something I was passionate about as well as something I could offer others. After much thought and payer, I could think of nothing more important and rewarding, than to tell others about Jesus Christ and how they can have an intimate love relationship with Him that is real and personal, have abundant life here on Earth and gain eternal life. My passion, my niche. Thus, my reason for creating Living for Jesus Daily.

A Little About My Journey

I married the love of my life in 1983 and we immediately started our family. In 1985 our firstborn arrived, a beautiful little boy. Two ½ years later we had a our first beautiful baby girl. Three and half years after that – another gorgeous baby girl. And yes, as you may have guessed,  6 ½ years later, our 4th. child, a son we call our little “surprise package” was born.

In between getting married and having babies, both of us working full time jobs, sometimes on opposite shifts, something happened – something to this day I am not proud of. Yet, something that had to happen to bring me to where I am today.

In 1989-90 when our oldest two children were ages 5 and 3, as I stood inside a laundry mat washing and folding load after load of clothes, sheets and towels, I recall looking out the window and thinking to myself, “how did I get here?”. I had big dreams as a young girl and those dreams followed me into my teenage years. I was going to be a famous singer! And yet, here I stood, in East Tennessee, married with 2 babies, working as a bill collector, standing in the middle of a laundry mat folding clothes. I couldn’t seem to get this picture out of my head. And, it wasn’t long before I found myself searching for more out of life.

Unfortunately, I was searching in all the wrong places. I began to associate myself with friends my age that weren’t married or were recently divorced and none of which had the responsibility of raising children. I began to focus on all the “fun” they seemed to be having and before I knew it, I was right smack dab in the middle it. My life as a wife and mother began to take on a completely different view. I soon became bitter and cold toward my husband -who had done nothing to deserve this by the way, and before I knew it and without going into more details, I walked up to my husband one day and told him I wanted out. Out of our marriage and out of being a mom. I wanted to leave him AND my precious little babies. And the sad thing was, I had no remorse, no sadness, no feelings at all really. Just a cold, cold, self-absorbed heart.

A Dear Friend

One evening as we were at home, me going over the list of our belongings and what little assets we had, we heard a knock on our door. My husband went to see who it was, neither of us feeling at all like having visitors during this time. When he opened the door, there stood one of our dearest friends at the time who also happened to be our Young Married Couples Sunday School Teacher. Oh yes, we were in church regularly, serving the Lord. I sat under the preaching of a great man of God Sunday after Sunday. And yet still….. I was not living a life for Christ, nor anything remotely close to it. Little did I know however, that people were praying for our marriage. I had no idea that my sweet husband had gone before the entire church, broken and asking for prayer for his wife and marriage.

As my husband opened the door and let our friend in, I immediately wanted to run to the other room. I was filled with guilt and shame yet, still had no remorse. I was not going to talk to someone from church if that’s why he had come. And, I sure wasn’t going to change my mind. My plan was to contact an attorney the very next day. Sure enough, our friend, our Sunday School teacher had come to talk to me. Somehow I found myself sitting on the couch, listening as he poured his heart out to me, begging me not to do this thing I was planning. He told me of God’s love for me and how Christ had died for me and that he, even he our Sunday School teacher would die for me if that’s what it took to get me to stay in this marriage. Still, my heart was cold and I was determined. Yet, before he left he had somehow talked me into committing to going to a revival that would be at our church in just a few days. I committed to go but, I assured him and my husband that nothing could change my mind. My friend was persistant and my husband, kept praying. Little did I know that someone could change my heart!

Jesus To The Rescue

I don’t recall much of what happened the night of the revival. But what I do recall is that my life was forever changed. I can’t remember who preached the revival nor what the sermon was about. I only know that I found myself on my knees, in front of an entire church filled with people, on the alter, crying out to God, asking Him to forgive me and save me. All the determination regarding leaving my husband and children, all of my bitterness toward life, vanished. My cold, cold heart was overwhelmed with the love of Jesus Christ. And for the first time in my life, I realized I was lost and undone. For the first time in my life, I realized I needed a Savior. I realized that night that no amount of “fun” could ever take the place of the joy that Jesus Christ could give. My selfish, self centered, sin filled heart had been overthrown by the grace and mercy and power of God through Jesus Christ! I surrendered my life to Christ that night and I repented of my sin. I turned to Him, and He welcomed me with open arms. That was 28yrs ago and not only did God save me, but He restored our marriage and blessed us with two more children. Today we have 8 grandchildren and our family is still growing. Because of my husband’s continuous prayers, because he made a choice to stay with me when most men would have left, because he never gave up and because of an obedient Sunday School teacher, I had an encounter with the Living God. I will never forget that night and will be forever greatful to those God used to bring me to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!

Jesus Can Rescue You

The purpose of this site is multifaceted really. While my #1 Goal is to tell others about Jesus and what He did for me and how He can do the same for them (you), I also want people who visit this site to understand His love, mercy and grace. His compassion for those that don’t yet know Him and His forgiveness He offers if we’ll only repent and ask. It’s also my passion to disciple. To teach others how to Live for Jesus Daily. It can be done. It doesn’t mean we’ll be perfect but it means we’ll strive for perfection in Jesus Christ. Lastly, it’s my desire to lead others into the understanding of the power of The Holy Spirit. You see, when I fell on that alter that night and cried out for God to save me and forgive me, He did – that very moment. But He also did something else. He gave me His Holy Spirit to live and dwell inside of me so that when I face other temptations along the way, His Spirit will be there with me, living in me, guiding me and teaching me all the things.


I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little about me and part of my journey. More importantly though, I hope you’ve caught a glimpse of what Jesus can do for you.

God Bless


Living For Jesus Daily

6 thoughts on “About Me and This Site

  1. Glenford says:

    What a powerful story. I love the reconciliation and the power Of Jesus. Thanks for sharing and look forward to how this site impacts the world. Well done

  2. Wow, Daniela what a powerful site…the Spirit of the living God and the living Word is present here…Praise the Lord. Thank you for staying true to the Word, and for not being ashamed of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, especially in the midst of this politically correct world, where Christians are even now being shut down and persecuted. Stay strong my sister and “Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage – with great patience and careful instruction.” 2 Timothy 4:2.

  3. What a powerful testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness. Indeed, He loves us so much despite of our sinfulness. We may turn our backs on God many times and yet He will always be there waiting for us to come home to Him.

    What a comfort to know that God will never leave us not forsake us. No matter how often we fall, He’s always there to pick us up and He has given us the Holy Spirit to live on the inside of us to help us live a life that’s pleasing to God.

    God is great, hallelujah!

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